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Rodi is a free app that functions as a bike computer showing the route and statistics of your trip.

This is how Rodi improves your next ride.

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Course navigation

Do you have a favorite route? Or don't have a clue where to go? Find a route online and upload it to Rodi will guide you with directions so you won't miss a turn.

Where do you want to go?

POI search

You haven’t planned a route? No problem, Rodi has your back. Search for any location and Rodi will create a bike-friendly route for you.

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Track your performance

Rodi tracks your ride on the go. We use the gps sensor of your phone to display the valuable insights of your trip.

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"Strava or didn’t happen"

From the moment you finish the ride on Rodi, we will upload your route with your friends on Strava.

Why put the best screen you own in your pocket and pay for a bad one to put on your bars?

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Download Rodi for free.

When we say for free, we actually mean for free.
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Get the most out of Rodi.

1. Plan and discover routes
2. Enjoy the ride
3. Share the adventure

Create your own routes withKomootorStravaand upload them to

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